About Us

Who We Are

NOARC/CÉRNO is a consortium formed by the 11 colleges and universities of northern Ontario which are located as far south as North Bay and as far north as Timmins with some satellite campuses existing beyond these geographic limits. The post-secondary schools belonging to the NOARC/CÉRNO consortium are:

  Algoma University Laurentian University
  Canadore College Nipissing University
  Cambrian College Northern College
  Collège Boréal Sault College
  Confederation College Université de Hearst
  Lakehead University  

More than 4,800 students have utilized the services of NOARC/CÉRNO since our doors first opened in April 2004. Our head office is located at Cambrian College in Sudbury; however we have a roster of psychological practitioners in various northern communities who work with us to provide service to post-secondary students on their home campus.

As of 2015, the Centre francophone d’évaluation et de ressources de l’Ontario (CFERO) began providing French language assessment and resource services to post-secondary francophone students in northern Ontario. CFERO adopted policies and procedures very similar to those of NOARC/CERNO so that students attending college or university in the northern half of the province will have comparable experiences. 

Our Mandate

NOARC/CÉRNO is mandated to:

  • Provide high-quality english and bilingual psycho-educational assessments
    • to students, with suspected or previously documented learning disabilities, accepted to or enrolled in any of northern Ontario’s postsecondary schools
  • Build provincial resources and skills
    • by offering training to psychological practitioners and graduate students
  • Foster research
    • in the areas of learning disabilities and associated disorders


The Learning Opportunities Task Force (LOTF, 1997 - 2002) was formed in 1997 and given the role of selecting pilot projects designed to improve the transition of students with specific learning disabilities from secondary school to post-secondary education, and to enhance the services and supports that students with learning disabilities receive within the post-secondary educational section in order that they might successfully complete their education.  NOARC/CÉRNO is a legacy of the LOTF which had as one of its key recommendations the establishment of regional Assessment and Resource Centres to offer comprehensive psycho-educational assessments to students entering the post-secondary system and in need of updated documentation of their disability.

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Privacy Statement

The health professionals and the staff of the Northern Ontario Assessment and Resource Centre (NOARC/CÉRNO) are bound by the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), other legislation and ethical standards to safeguard your privacy and protect the confidentiality of your Personal Health Information.

Personal health information under the custody and control of the Northern Ontario Assessment and Resource Centre is only disclosed to other persons or agencies with your express consent or in circumstances where the Northern Ontario Assessment and Resource Centre collects, uses, discloses, retains or disposes of Personal Health Information on the Centre’s behalf pursuant to a special arrangement that limits the other parties’ use of the information and includes other appropriate terms to protect the privacy of the information.

NOARC/CÉRNO is Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.